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Eddie's Napolis

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4280 Lavon Dr

(972) 530-2004


E. S.
Decor: A Service: B+ Menu: B Cleanliness: A Food: C Here is the Problem as I saw it with our trip to napolis . Bread was good, sauce was ok , but the...read more
Gabrielle L.
I liked it.... Went here with a group of the girls getting ready to take a cruise and I was pleasingly surprised. Fresh, flavorful and fattening! Friendly...read more
Kerry S.
Love this place and staff is great as wellread more
Libby D.
The people are AMAZING! Singing and smiling! Super nice & actually pretty good food! I'll be back!!read more
Michelle M.
Chicken Marsala is to die for. The staff is friendly. Service is fast. Hope this place sticks around.read more
Raegan B.
The ravioli with sausage is great! Oh and when they say giant pizza they mean it!! Yumread more
Coy J.
Easily the best Italian restaurant around this area. Great service and fantastic food.read more
Jenny W.
Such a good place to eat. Everything is good. I love the vicki's special.read more
Evie H.
Great service. Super friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Good food. Yummy bread rolls.read more
Don't eat here, the service is horrible and the food is sub-par at best. Do yourself a favor and leave now.read more
Thomas G.
The definitely have the NY/NJ attitude down, but a good atmospheric way. Comfortable family owned feel with good food.read more
Aubrey G.
They were really nice but they took forever to take our order...took even longer to give us our check and even LONGER to take our payment..short staffed. But bread rolls are great!read more
Sara C.
The food was exceptional! We ordered the "Vicky's special" and it was more than enough. The wait staff was attentive but not obnoxiously so. We will return.read more
Rice M.
Food is good, rolls need to be larger so there is more bread taste. Overall, taste of Italy and Olive Garden are better at about the same price pointread more
Sheri E.
The best Italian food in town. Service is the best, especially if you are a repeat customer. The atmosphere is wonderful.read more
Love this place. Tony is awesome and the chicken cacciatore is great.read more
John F.
Great food. Very good service. Just wish the one guy wouldn't try to hug me every time I come in. If you're lucky, Eddie will be there to sing you happy birthday. :)read more
Coy J.
The dinner rolls are like bread-candy. Take em away before I fill up!read more
Barbara E.
Stuffed mushrooms are excellentread more
Chris A.
Ask Tony to do his Elvis impersonationread more
Kamille R.
The bread here is really good!read more
Toby S.
Great food, wonderful service!read more
Ben B.
The rolls are the best!!read more
Charles H.
Great live music tonight!read more
Lisa P.
Great place to get a huge slice of pizzaread more
Juan C.
Off the hook....tell them Eddie sent you!!!!read more
Holly B.
Great service and food. Elvis has not left the restaurantread more
Ryan A.
Amazing bread rolls, beautiful setting, and average pizza.read more
Breanna W.
Don special is wonderful! And the bread is to die for!read more
Toby S.
Food and service is excellent!! The rolls are yummy!read more
E H.
Ridiculous bread rolls!!! Way too good and sinful!read more
Don's special is YUM!! Tony & Vinny are sweethearts!read more
Gabrielle E.
Awesome pizza!read more


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