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Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian, Chinese, Vegetarian / Vegan

839 Kearny St.

(415) 956-7868


Sherry L.
This place is my go-to lunch spot for my sometimes-"Meatless Mondays" (I tend to stray from it due to my perpetual carnivorous cravings). But I love this...read more
Gabrielle S.
The girl who served us was very nice, genuinely, and that always helps. Always. BBQ and whatever fried rice: Very plain. Only the fake meat was...read more
Barry E.
Huge portions, but because vegetarian does not necessarily imply healthy, it would be nice to see some dishes that go a little lighter on the sauce. What I...read more
Lotus root, lily, veggies, peas, gingko...what more do you need?read more
Nicole Y.
Braised Lamb is so "real" that it demands a blind taste test.read more
Dini R.
Fastest service I've ever had! And amazing food! Yummy :)read more
Valentina C.
Okay thanks for bringing the check before asking me if I want to have dessert.read more
Donald W.
Being vegetarian this place also does not have onion or garlic in Amy of their dishes. I don't know how this is possible (2 of 4 petals via Fondu)read more
timoni w.
Amazing fake meat. That doesn't sound like a reason to go, if you're a meat eater, but why deny yourself the pleasure of something new and delicious?read more
Vivian H.
#101 & spinach pine nuts fried rice are our favs! :-)read more
Kitzzy A.
Yum! Best fake meat I've ever had; it was very flavorful and great consistency. Quick service, great prices, and nice seating area.read more
Inderpreet S.
Vegetarian heaven. Amongst the best vegan food in SF.read more
Vik C.
But...but, it tastes like Chicken!read more
Rachel P.
Golden knots and corn soup FTW!read more
Crispy "chicken" is awesome.read more
Chandini D.
try the lettuce wrap here!read more
Fragrant crispy chicken is delish!!read more
Chandini D.
Don't try the vegetarian sea cucumberread more
Erin R.
Ooooh, those lettuce wraps are uh-may-zing!read more
Yesha B.
They would ask you for more tip. Really?read more
kim g.
#9. Order it. The best eggplant EVER!!!read more
Raul K.
Get the Goldread more


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