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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Epicurus Place

Diner, American (New)

111 Warren Ave.

(313) 832-0133


Veronica M.
Went there for lunch with some coworkers. They raved about the tabouli, which was good. I had a forkful of my friend's tabouli. I ordered the chicken...read more
Renee B.
I love this place. You can get a two slice special for under $5 with a drink. The pizza is greasy like all pizza is, but it is very tasty. I have also...read more
Yosef A.
Yes, that's right - 5 stars. For this little WSU area dive on Warren? Yes. Why? - the pizza. Like any red-blooded American, I have probably consumed enough...read more
Sergio R.
Pizza is greasy but if you get some OJ it'll balance it out.read more
Paul J.
Chicken shawarma plate is the truth. Boom. Knowledge dropped.read more
Mike S.
Awesome food their burgers are the best and they serve breakfast all day long at no extra chargeread more
Mike S.
Try there breakfast specials only 3.25 and served all dayread more
Jane W.
I don't think the cabbage soup is too great, but that's just me.read more
Jeremy T.
My wife says this is the best cabbage soup in Michigan.read more
Fatimah F.
Chicken tender wrap is ah-mazinggread more
Ryan S.
Chicken tender wrap is awesome!read more
Best raw carrot juice!read more
Mike S.
Chicken shawarma is the best here must tryread more
Chris B.
I really love the bacon cheeseburger! Solidread more
Mike S.
Also people who go to Olympic grill come here alwaysread more
Jane W.
The food ain't too pretty but it's cheap. :)read more
Tacarra F.
The Pizza is the best!read more


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