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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Flames Restaurant II

Jamaican, Latin American, $

746 Huntington Ave

(617) 734-1911

Justin R.
If you're looking for some tasty Jamaican food, Flames is the place to go. I'm addicted to beef patties and this is my favorite place to get them. Everyone...read more
King E.
I love flames. I've never dined here, and have only gotten takeout, but every time I eat here it's great. If I order a large size meal it'll literally last...read more
Will R.
The food here is very good for a Jamaican restaurant. As a Jamaican-American I know Jamaican food, and this restaurant is as close to my mom's cooking as...read more
Couple of patties some oxtail wit white rice gravy and some cabbage and mi tummy done . Oh must wash it down wit some champagne cola ! Much respect to da chefread more
Michael C.
I've never had bad service here. Wicked nice Jamaicans with wicked delicious oxtail.read more
Steve R.
Curry goat was great. Watch the bones though!read more
Becky A.
jerk chicken, jamaican beef patties, cornbread, plantains. mmm.read more
Paris B.
Service is rotten. Rotten. But the food is on point. Delicious! Be patientread more
Andrew C.
You would go here Brian O'read more


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