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Forty Niner Restaurant

Diner, Burgers, Diners

98-110 Honomanu St

(808) 484-1940

Jamie B.
The huzzband & I stopped here for take out a few weeks ago. We ordered fried saimin & burgers, plus an order of fries. Wait time was not bad considering...read more
Elle V.
This is the go-to restaurant for my boyfriend and I when we can't think of any place else to eat and don't want to venture out of Pearl City. We're big on...read more
Nicole K.
Forty Niner's is definitely a West Side staple! Entering the diner is like taking a step back in time. Since its transition to a new owner, the menu has...read more
Vic V.
Get the bento box. A collection of really delicious things! I'd kill to eat this food every day.read more
Electric B.
When you're ordering the Oxtail Saimin, you're getting Hawaii's comfort food at its finest.read more
friendliest, fastest, BEST service ever. simply nostalgic. 💟👍read more
Nicole K.
After the new management took over, it wasn't as good as before. But, the food is still good, and the service is still good. I still like the saimin, and they always provide. Parking is kind of hread more
Electric B.
Forty Niner's Beef Cutlet is unique and from the original menu - Unlike most local plate lunch places, It's made with shabu-shabu thin slices of beef quickly grilled and topped with a hearty gravy.read more
Electric B.
The Hamburger Steak is made in that home-made style that mom used to make, with minced onions, a little bread, and lots of love. The gravy and onions top it off!read more
One of the few places you can order a strawberry Diamond Head soda!read more
Terry S.
Garlic chicken with Mac salad was fantastic. Deep-fried fudge brownie a la mode was also delicious, if a bit more than I needed to eat. Come with a big appetite/be prepared to ask for a box!read more
Manilyn S.
Try the Fried Pork With Tomatoes And Onions (via @Foodspotting)read more
Arlan K.
Saimin and burger combo is awesome!read more
Noelle R.
The forty-niner is where it's at.read more
Dave H.
The best hamburger steak!read more
Dino K.
Homemade burger patties!read more
Electric B.
Breakfast is now served all the time!read more
Brandi S.
Juicy teri Burger awsome garlic chicken. Winnazread more
Electric B.
It used to be cash only, but now they accept credit cards!read more
Noe M.
Homemade Hamburger Steak just the way I like it! #bombread more
Michael F.
Gotta sit at the counter to get the whole experience!read more
Paul M.
Go to Forty Niner and get their fried saimin plate.read more
Michael F.
The pancakes ROCK! :)read more


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