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Gekko Sushi and Lounge

Japanese, Bar Menu, Dine At The Bar

620 Glen Iris Dr NE

(404) 249-4300


Sarah N.
Call me crazy, but when I order sushi I like the fish to be the star of the show unless otherwise stated. Gekko does just that. All the rolls are...read more
Kelsey G.
I went to Gekko Sushi as a date night on Wednesday of last week. My boyfriend loves this place and went here all the time before we met, and he keeps trying...read more
Marcus Z.
I frequent Gekko Sushi and Lounge often. It is a bit pricey as far as sushi goes but is quite delicious. It's also a 2 minute walk from my apartment. The...read more
David H.
Kiwi Roll flavors wash over your taste buds in an avalanche of goodness.read more
David H.
Kiwi Roll flavors wash over your taste buds in an avalanche of goodness.read more
Lindsey N.
Best sushi in Atlanta! Everything on the menu has been delicious!!read more
Rudy A.
Slooooooooooow service, so consequently everything was mooshie or cold.read more
Probably the worst sushi and service I've had in the ATL. Its true and sad...read more
Toffee T.
The service is super slowwww. They serve Japanese side salad for free.read more
Jenn S.
Jalapeño Yellowtail is a must. More crisp and fresh than spicy. This place really has the art of combining flavors down packed!read more
Kaitlin T.
Kiwi Roll is awesome. It sounds a little out there, but it made me wish I didn't live in another state! I'll be craving that thing at all sushi restaurants from now on.read more
Head to this raw fish palace order up the masago/ scallion-topped, flame-singed “Hamachi Torch”, the imaginatively prepped "4-Way Tuna" sushi sampler, or the panko-crusted “kaki” oysters.read more
App: Krab Rangoon & Beef Salad Sushi: Kiwi Roll/Tiger roll Kitchen:Basil Duck/Grilled Salmon Dessert: Fried Cheesecake or Icecream MUST HAVE!!read more
Peter F.
The sunflower roll is a delicious display and spicy tuna treatread more
Mathew R.
The red bean ice cream is great! And they actually give you a large enough portion, unlike many sushi places.read more
Vanessa M.
You carb cutters...get naruto roll. And they put other fish in upon request. $5 Martinis on Wednesdaysread more
Shawn A.
Grab the Sushi Boat for two. Well worth it and delish!read more
Amy C.
The Magnolia Roll is a must try!!read more
Austin V.
The JB and Gekko rolls are the best!read more
Sarah M.
Sushi happy half hour from 6:30-7:00!read more
Ashley T.
Spring rolls are great!read more
Jazzie M.
Try the Sunset roll!!read more
Admit M.
It's Aiight.. sorta.read more
Allison W.
Not the best service.read more
Salmon teriyaki for lunch. No regretsread more
Corey L.
The Sweet Potato Roll is my Favorite!read more
Ms P.
Phenomenal sushi! Great happy hour deals btn 5:30- 7.read more
Kate C.
The sushi tastes even better than it looks! Yay gekko!read more
Tony A.
Spicy tuna roll and sweet potato roll are the best!read more
Diana B.
Try the green mussels. Not common in Atlanta.read more
Misty G.
Kiwi Roll...unexpected, fresh, amazing!read more
Emily B.
The Sunset and volcano rolls are orgasmicread more
Tini H.
Go to Zuma instead.read more


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