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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Gregg's Pizza & Bar-B-Que

Pizza, Carry Out, Barbecue Restaurants

17160 Livernois Ave

(313) 341-2400

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Nikki W.
Gregg's Pizza has been at this location for at least 20 years. The time spent in this community is proof that Gregg's can go toe to toe with all of the...read more
Luke A.
Greggs is just down the street from my house, and his in my opinion the best pizza in the city. Thin crust, great toppings greasy but not too greasy....read more
Scott M.
Gregg's Pizza is nothing short of fantastic. I was exposed to this place by one of my business partners who was born and raised in the city of...read more
Keith F.
Gotta eat it when it's hot, I always eat one slice in the parking lot! !!!!!read more