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Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant

Barbecue Restaurants, HAWAIIAN, American

5016 University Way NE

(206) 522-7740


S C.
Ignore the haters. Huge Portions, good food, cheap prices. I have eaten here 100 times, and never gotten food poisoningread more
Shane F.
Once again the One Campus Plate was out of this world. I love the Chicken Katsu especially. And the egg on the rice is awesome. Next time I think I will go...read more
Lei F.
It's a good Hawaiian BBQ place in U District. Certainly not the most appealing restaurant in terms of interior design, but it's cheap for a good portion of...read more
Lettisia T.
The food is awesome. Been here couple times and whatever I order always taste heavenly delicious!read more
Seattle Weekly
Order the gravy over katsu. Very social owner. He shows a lot of interest in your life.read more
Duane L.
Order the Loco Moco or the Curry Katsu. Don't forget a Spam Musubi either.read more
Seattle Weekly
Mostly frequented by students. Can get crowded. Get the kahlua pig cabbage, spam musubi, and a hombow.read more
Wesley Z.
Try the Hawaiian Club Plate (#70). So good! I always get an extra egg and extra teriyaki.read more
Bryan M.
If you haven't try the Alpha Sig plate, chicken katsu, spicy chicken, and fried rice with a fried egg on topread more
Don L.
Any combo is your best bet: 15, 70, 0, sig rho (I forget the #), any if them. Just pick your favorite combination, or try them all!read more
Bryan M.
If you haven't try the Alpha Sig plate, chicken katsu, spicy chicken, and fried rice with a fried egg on topread more
Mario S.
i'm partial to the katsu w/ gravy...but everything on the menu is great!read more
Jon M.
Get the chicken katsu/mochiko chicken combo. You get the best items on the menu, and enough food for two.read more
Kevin Q.
Best Hawaiian BBQ! Owner is one of the funniest and most lively guy!read more
Brian D.
Food is great. Don't look at the restrooms.read more
Varun T.
try some of their Greek house names plates.read more
We go with the alpha sig every time.read more
Michelle C.
Alpha sig plate!read more
Chef Bigfoot
CASH ONLY!read more
Christine T.
The plates named after frats are the tastiest!read more
Zachary H.
#17 Gravy Katsu over Rice, is griffin awesome!!read more
Robert T.
#70 Hawaiian Club Plate FTW!!! Enough food for atleast 2 mealsread more
Kevin C.
Best fried rice in the city. Recommend it with BBQ chicken.read more
Donna W.
Alpha Sig 56 is amazing! This is what you need to order!read more
C.Y. L.
You can pick up some Starbucks/attwifi signal hereread more
Michelle K.
cash only!read more


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