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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Honba Sushi

Asian, Japanese, Sushi

1759 Technology Dr Suite 30

(408) 392-0087


Meg T.
Quite possibly the most time and thought intensive delivery I've ever had to schedule. I will say that language barriers aside, the connection was bad on...read more
Erik A.
The Sushi's ok but nothing special. I would normally have given this place 2 stars, (3 stars for basic sushi menu with basic quality, but marked down 1...read more
Mike W.
I am taking a VMWare class across the street, and noticed the Sushi place when grabbing coffee in the morning. I came here with friends a long time ago,...read more
Juno W.
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Russell V.
Try the Chirashi - A new take old the old Chirashi... (via @Foodspotting)read more
Jordan G.
Great service, awesome prices, and very fresh fish!read more
Mark D.
The Earthquake roll will make your bollocks tingle.read more
Brandon V.
Awesome place to get hair in your food, and still have to pay for it.read more
Rob G.
Three words: Lion King Roll. Just get it.read more


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