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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Huff's Coffee Shop

Brunch, Family-Friendly Dining, Diners

8105 E Wardlow Rd

(562) 296-4396


Christopher T.
I've been coming here off and on for my entire life. I have a love/hate relationship with this establishment. They are under new management and in all...read more
Maureen M.
Support your local non-franchise businesses. This is one of them. The dinner selections can be precarious, but their breakfast selections are tasty. I...read more
T M.
OMG!!! Look out Papa Johns, Straw Hat and all you other pizza joints who claim to have "the greatest pizza" cause Huff's has gone out and bought a pizza...read more
Danie D.
It's better than a Denny's! The servers are all very friendly, and you get a great "diner hug" experience.read more
Tamra B.
Bring your small doggy and eat out on patioread more
Alan N.
It's like a Denny'sread more


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