i.e: burger's, Italian, Mike's
New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Traditional American, Carry Out, Diners

556 Jefferson Rd Rochester NY 14623

(585) 292-0380


Tyler M.
Colorado Omelette. Extra Bacon. Extra Sausage. Syrup. Thank me later.read more
Christopher S.
Stick to the locally owned joints! This place sucks, even for a chain.read more
Diane K.
Tricia was a singular server! She gave us a great start to our day!read more
Terry P.
The new Pancakes look Awesome as Fuck im going to try them :-)read more
Linda W.
Orders were completely wrong. Need to work on service.read more
Susan Maureen S.
Get the eggs benedict, the hollandaise sauce is so goodread more
Clementina Z.
They r so slow,..make sure your not starving and are not in a hurry,...read more
Norine B.
Service is horrible! Still waiting for our food. Placed it @ 10:18 its now 11:55read more
Cheri B.
The weekends are wicked busy- have patience. Be nice to the servers-it's not their fault if food takes a long time when the place is full. The new York cheesecake pancakes are the best!read more
Shy M.
Worst IHOP I've ever been to! What terrible and lazy service! If you must eat here, make sure the waiter/waitress is young and speedy.. They may still be terrible, but they are less lazy!read more
Noelani K.
1- people who sat after us got food 1st 2- had to ask for utensils after food came 3- had to ask for boxes for left overs 4- never came back bill for will had to ask hosts to take it.read more
Beth W.
Be careful of the service. Email the company on their website and you may get free food.read more
Brian L.
Great place to grab a bite anytime of day, although the breakfast food is where it's at!read more
Contina R.
They now have call ahead seating on the weekends!read more
Kiara H.
I was surprised at my veetarian optionsread more
Terry P.
Food is Fresh as Fuck :-)read more
Laena S.
Country omelette is the best!read more
Bernard S.
FREE PANCAKE DAY!!!!read more
Karen K.
Very SLOW service!!read more
Adrian M.
Big Stake omeletteread more
Matilde D.
Don't use the bench for a nap!read more
Sounja S.
NEVER AGAIN!!!! DONOT DO IT!!!read more
Robert H.
Colorado omelet with cinamem pancakes.read more
hash corned beef is sooooooooooo good!read more
Christopher S.
Open all night Friday and Saturday.read more
Dustin P.
The country fried steak is hugeread more
Dave G.
Big steak omelette is the best!read more
Danielle U.
Sooo good here!read more