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Japanese Gardens

Garden, Sports & Recreation, Recreation Facilities

6100 Woodley Ave.

(818) 756-8166


Los Angeles
Walk sit, or contemplate your surroundings @ The Japanese Garden in Van Nuys - http://ht.ly/5Bx8Bread more
Jackie J.
Bring chopsticks... See if you can catch (or even find) a fly. Remember, it's a catch and release policyread more
Torr L.
It's not very zen-like since there's constant noise from radio controlled airplanes, real airplanes, and the freeway. And oddly, they're closed on Fridays and Saturdays.read more
Todd K.
Enhance your inner zen and check out this hidden gem in the heart of the SF valley.read more
Derek O.
Beautiful place of tranquility and grace to spend on a sunny day.read more
Jackie J.
Rela.... Sorry, drifted off there... Relaxread more
Armando V.
Great way to spend a day in tranquility and relax.read more
LA Weekly
LA Weekly's Best of LA 2010 pick - Best Japanese Garden!read more
The E.
I'd prefer meditating here than work.read more


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