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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Koi Sushi & Thai

Japanese, Asian, Thai

2535 Franklin Pike

(615) 942-6208

Tom A.
The sushi is pretty good. The Pho is really good. The ambiance is decent. The prices are a little expensive for the quality, but not so bad that they keep...read more
Brian S.
Solid 3.5 stars. I first tried Koi this week. Despite my temptation to ditch my dinner plans and spend my night getting sloshed at M.L. Rose next door, I...read more
Tiffany J.
Went to Koi Sushi & Thai for lunch on a Wednesday. I parked right in front of the restaurant, but was terrified when leaving because you must back out onto...read more
Erick P.
The Red Devil sushi is amazing! I haven't had any entrees yet that have really blown me away.read more
Greg M.
Garlic edamame (sp?) great, fried rice n chicken, Lo mein n steak, spicy salmon n Cali roll..great!!read more
B. G.
Edamame with Garlic Sauce - Mandatory and the Tiger Roll is Awemazing!!! I live in Atlanta and will be thinking of both until I return!!!read more
David Y.
The Key West Is really good and the crunchy shrimp rolls are bigger than most placesread more
Ye W.
Try the meat combo dishes with a variety of noodles. It's of great value!read more
Caitlin H.
Best sushi in Nashville!read more
Krissy R.
Awesome, fresh sushi!read more
Laura C.
The Rock n Roll & Yum Yum rolls are the best.read more
Alice H.
"I just ate myself into paradise." Says my boyfriend. Great pho!!!read more
Ben L.
You can get the edamame with a garlic sauce. Wow! Try it, amazing.read more
Emily L. H.
Pad kee mao dishread more


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