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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Sushi, Asian, Japanese

4917 Airport Blvd

(512) 712-5700


Jen G.
Even the chicks at the bar live Tweeting/Texting/Blogging their entire meal [Is this a thing now? Are we doing this now?] couldn't take away for the...read more
Tony H.
This place gets once of my rare 5-star reviews. Truly impressed with the quality and selection. Be forwarned that when they tell you the dishes are small...read more
Jorge R.
Delicious. From the sushi to the ramen to gyu-don to the onigiri, this place is awesome! The food here is so good, my 8 year old is now a sushi fan....read more
Aryan H.
Get the grilled squid. Easily in my top 5 culinary discoveries of the past year. Get it. I mean it. GET IT!read more
Beth C.
The Japanese Fried Chicken was good but if you don't like dark meat you probably should try something else.read more
Kat M.
Great #vegan options for a sushi place. Avocado Mango Roll and the Kome Salad are my favorites.read more
Nom Nom PR
Really flavorful and affordable Japanese food and fresh sushi without being pretentious.read more
The gyoza is the best I've ever had. So flavorful! The miso soup, also, delish!read more
Kyle B.
Uchi and Uchiko get all the raves, but Komé is a more traditional sushi joint and definitely deserves its fair share of love.read more
James B.
Lots of nice things to say about this place: great food, atmosphere & price. But I'd avoid the seaweed salad, leaves much to be desired.read more
Komé's ramen will change your life--though you can only find it at lunchtime--and plan to arrive early for a dinner spot, since the restaurant fills up. [Eater 38 Member]read more
Comé to Komé for their Ika-yaki, a whole grilled squid with grated ginger. To wash it down, pick from their selection of Japanese beer & rice liquor like Texas Sake Co's Whooping Crane.read more
Austin Chronicle
The Teishoku lunch specials are one of the best deals going: a bowl of savory clear noodle soup, a farm-fresh salad, soft steamed rice, homemade Japanese pickles, and an entrée all for $8-$12.read more
DarkSkin 🌺 Q.
Order the green tea parfait for dessert, it's big enough to share.read more
Tonkotsu ramen. Broth-wise, yes this is the best one you can get in Austin. But they can do it better. Noodles are way overcooked and the pork is too dry for ramen. But give them point for trying.read more
Nate H.
If you are used to Ramen found at Ippudo or Totto in NYC you will be very disappointed. But if you are used to $0.32 ramen packs then you will have reached the next level with this ramen.read more
Damacio U.
The salmon sashimi was tender and fresh, my favorite every time.read more
Jefferson B.
Dreamy Clouds unfiltered sake.read more
Try the spicy ramen. Amazeballs!read more
Hillary P.
Get the Texas surf and turf. YUM.read more
Leah J.
Escolar Miso-Yaki is amazing.read more
Shelby L.
So so good! Loved the Ramenread more
Kenny K.
Also try the ebi fry.read more
Kenji K.
Recommend Kome Vitche.read more
R F.
You must try the sake cheesecake!!!read more
Kenny K.
The best udon in austin!!! Kayaku udon.read more
Jane K.
Love the ramen for lunch and green tea parfait for dessertread more
If you hear people speaking Japanese here then it's a good sign.read more
Check out the Austin roll. It's cheap and delicious.read more
Kar T.
Order the Camembert Tempura for dessert! SO YUMMY!read more
Alta C.
Sushi lunch is AWESOME and a great deal!read more
Ari K.
Tasty authentic Japanese dining. We liked itread more
Steven K.
So many hipsters...read more


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