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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

La Cena Restaurant

Italian, Pizza, American Express

2233 Galloway Rd

(215) 639-9969


Victor J.
Would not recommend La Cena anymore even to my worst enemies. It used to be one of my favorites in Bensalem, but not anymore and I have given it a few...read more
Neil S.
La Cena is a two headed monster. The first head is the restaurant itself. Although its rather pricey for Bensalem, the executive chef is a La Famiglia...read more
Matt T.
The food was Rubbish and the cook was a rude jerk to me.read more
Janice L.
Best happy hour around, not to mention, GREAT food!!!read more
Leighkaren L.
Great food at Happy Hour and great live music!read more