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Lemongrass Sushi & Thai Restaurant

Chinese, Restaurants, Sushi

7108 U.S. 70

(615) 646-9500

Tim A.
I could say this is the best Thai food in Bellevue; of course, it's the only Thai food in Bellevue. The food is okay, though the flavors aren't as...read more
Codie C.
I loved this place. Great pad Thai, good service, beautiful restaurant, we're going back soon to try the sushi. So I'll keep you guys updated :)read more
Tracy F.
Finally, we found a solid Asian restaurant in Bellevue! We came here late on a Saturday night to grab a quick bite after a fancy fundraiser. We weren't...read more
Janet W.
Not a fan of food or vibe. koi in Franklin or Siam on white bridge are way superiorread more
Julie S.
Try the monkey balls. They're excellent... and not actually monkey balls.read more
Ashby F.
Try the curries. All of them. Green, red, massaman, panang... Best I've ever had anywhere.read more
Ashby F.
The best Thai food in Nashville. Period. The curry, stir fry, and seafood dishes are all amazing. Sushi is good too. Lunch prices are cheap.read more
Ashby F.
Oh and for people saying it was bad... I've been here probably 3-4 times a month since they opened and have never had anything less than excellent.read more
Molly M.
Great crunchy shrimp rolls! Better sushi, service and prices than P.M.read more
I honestly prefer the California Combo. You get eight California Rolls, two Tuna, and two Salmon. Delicious!read more
Matthew R.
Lemongrass duck will make your toes curl. Very good with Nigori too.read more
Heather P.
Easily the worst food I've ever had.read more
Scott B.
HURRICANE Roll is delicious!read more
Jc T.
Crunchy shrimp rolls!! read more
Krissy R.
Really, really good!read more
Matthew V.
Click here to read the Urbanspoon reviews.read more
Britni H.
Delicious. Best fried rice I have ever had.read more
David S.
Order the panang or green curry 3* spicy with chicken! Delicious!!read more
Richard Keith G.
Tuna Tuna Tuna....fresh and good....place is great on a Fridayread more
David O.
Food is great and reasonably priced. Try the Snow White roll.read more
Jane Lee A.
Have to go back!!read more


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