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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Little Henry's

Italian, Salads, Sandwiches

3600 Balboa St

(415) 387-8761

Joseph D.
Rude Communist Mao Chinese couple running this place (as if they knew what italian food even is) with two mexicans who just want to have a job.trash. Trash...read more
Raul R.
Don't let the name fool you. Also, don't let any of the 4-5 star reviews fool you either. At best, this place is a dive. "Hey! Hi! How wa' you?" That...read more
Rick S.
This is a nostalgic treat, and the quality has been maintained. Spaghetti in Marinara Meat Sauce with Sausage Garlic Bread Clam Chowder Orange...read more
aim2run A.
Cioppino is awesome!read more
Jennifer R.
Bring a jacket.. It's cold inside.read more
Alberto C.
Steamed clams!!!! Yummy!read more
Carlos G.
Fake Italian food. You'll do better at home with dry pasta and a jar of Ragu.read more
Andy W.
Oxtail stew here rocks da house!read more
Nicholas C.
Cheesesteaks, hamburger steak, chicken wings not that goodread more
Crystal C.
Lemon chicken is a flattened chicken breast :(read more
Keturah G.
Decent food for large portions and low prices.read more
Great customer service and lots of food: Little Henry's Italian Food has been there for 25 years. Serves Chicken Cacciatore, Seafood Cioppino, Veal Parmigiana and a host of other delicious Italiano pastas. All entrees include garlic bread, soup or salad and pasta. Big seller…read more
Don't Agree with the First Reviewer, Great Italian Food: I've lived in the Richmond District and have eaten at Little Henry's for the past 10 years. I love their Linguine with Red clam sauce as well as their other pasta dishes. I've found their service to be pleasant & prompt, never felt uneasy…read more
How can you not like this place?: The last time we came here was1 yr ago and the prices are still the same! We've been coming here for years now & love the comfort food they serve. It's not your fancy snotty Italian restaurant where you're likely to spend over $20 for a…read more
judy l
good and cheap: if you want italian food, stop in and eat some food. nothing too special or fancy about the menu, but the food is satisfactory especially on cold evenings and the service is great. staff are usually fun and friendly (depends on what day…read more
Why?: Why these folks decided to call their place: Little Henry's Italian, we'll never know. Sorry, but frozen ravioli and thai iced tea do not make an Italian dinner. If you're craving Italian food - this is not the place for it...on the…read more
nice place for a quick dinner: I don't know that I would really call this authentic Italian, but the food here is good nonetheless, if you're not expecting anything fancy. The pasta is yummy, the portions are huge, and the service is quick and friendly. Great…read more


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