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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

BBQ, Restaurant, Hawaiian

312 Kearny St

(415) 956-2888


Marc M.
Haute cuisine it is not, but L&L excels at hitting the spot for Hawaiian greasy spoon. Sure, the floor is a little grimy, and some of the decor is faded,...read more
Eduardo R.
Classic L&L. It's good for fast food. It's "made to order", but you know.. It's still fast food. Lol. I go here when I'm fiending for a spam musubi, or...read more
Ryan L.
Every time I eat hear I feel like I'm going to get a delicious heart attack. I usually get the Chicken Katsu or BBQ with all mac. OMG. It's delicious but I...read more
Jackie L.
Loco mocos and spam musubis! BBQ cheeseburger is a good choice too.read more
Alfredo B.
They have mini plates so you can enjoy your BBQ and be healthy read more
Ken D.
Chicken katsu is the best w extra sauce only 25cent extra that isread more
Matt D.
Wild card: take this opportunity to relax and consider other options.read more
Peter T.
You can switch the white rice and Mac for brown rice for a healthier (for me, tastier) alternative.read more
Craig W.
This place is nasty. I threw away half my lunch because it literally looked and tasted like a pile of crap. Don't do it. Stay away. :Pread more
Jeremy K.
BBQ short ribs and the Mac salad are the bomb diggity!read more
Christopher U.
Don't get the healthy BBQ chicken plate. It only comes with one piece of chicken!read more
Richard A.
Chicken katsu curry, for when you want katsu and curry with your mac saladread more
If you're a fan of omelettes, try the Aloha Omelette!read more
They serve brown rice! Yes!read more
Sasithorn S.
Crazy BBQ chicken!!!!!yummyread more
David N.
They did not accept AE cardread more
phoeut t.
chicken katsu musibiread more
Aizen H.
No restroomsread more
the mini plate is the right sizeread more
Ashnod E.
Aloha Omelette ... Three porks, no waiting!read more
Kim P.
get the loco moco for some serious local kine grinds.read more
Ray L.
The Amex special is BS. They don't even take Amex!read more
erik s.
Don't believe the hater this place iz off da hookread more
Kelly M.
So much more expensive than the ones in Hawaii...read more
Ryan L.
I feel fat.read more


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