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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Max & Erma's Restaurant

Traditional American, Salads, American

4279 Cemetery Rd

(614) 771-0455


Nicole D.
Sometimes I dont know if I went to the same Max & Erma's as everyone else did. Because it seems like everyone else loves it and I'm talking about the never...read more
Linds B.
I liked the Aunt Patty but wish it had more burger and less bread. The free cookie Wednesday is a nice touch and if you sign up for their loyalty club you...read more
Amy C.
The moment we walked in, we should have walked out. The smell alone was that of a dirty restaurant. The two sofas in the front to sit down on were filthy....read more
Tom S.
Just had the best service here EVER. Ask for Nikki. She is AWESOME. I'd heard other customers compliment her as they left. Now I know why.read more
Tom S.
Born 40 years ago in Columbus, Ohio, and making a great effort to be reborn into popularity 2012 style. Best wishes, Max & Erma's.read more
Aaron T.
Ask for Sue. She is amazing bartender who treats each and every person very well.read more
Tom S.
Wednesdays: Get 2 fresh-baked cookies with any menu purchase (even a cheap appetizer like I ordered).read more
Tom S.
Max & Erma's opened 1st store 40 years ago today in C'bus! Tonight: Flashback to 1972 with '70s disco music, tie dye shirts & summer of love fest.read more
Courtney C.
You can substitute a grilled chicken breast for any of their burgers for a healthier alternative! Don't forget to be a Good Neighbor and sign up for rewards.read more
Tom S.
If the host(ess) says "Sean will be your server," be prepared for a long wait to meet him. After 5+ minutes, I was getting ready to leave and punt on first retry of Max & Erma's in many years.read more
Steve U.
Had a great meal with great service. Sue greeted me quickly after I came in and made me feel like I was an honored guest. Had the French-Onion soup & the Captains Platter. Thanks Sue!!!!!read more
Gera G.
The pretzel Stock appetizer is a good treat. Also the burgers are excellentread more
Maureen M.
Burger wasn't what it usually is, broccoli was cold and basically raw, and server was dismissive when my husband asked if his order was correct (it wasn't).read more
Jennifer M.
Don't about in the first two booths in the bar in the winter. It's cold.read more
Stephanie D.
Fresh baked cookies, always good! :-)read more
Cait O.
Blackberry peach sangria is AMAZING!!!!!read more
Anthony V.
tortilla soup...enough said.read more
Tortilla soup is great here!read more
Tom S.
Mmmm... cheese on a stick.read more
Emily K.
Just a good, classic American restaurant.read more
Sammie S.
The hours on here are wrong. It opens at 11 amread more
Andy L.
Don't even need to look at a menu. Just order the tortilla soupread more
Shannon M.
Service is getting bad. And the kitchen could be a bit faster!read more
Robert L.
Beet burger in america The cookies are always goodread more
Jessica N.
Brandon is a fantastic server! Friendly and fast.read more
Terry R.
Free cookies on wednesdayread more