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1428 4th St

(612) 789-9862


Kristin H.
Mayslacks is a square building with a decent parking lot attached - no bells or whistles. The square building is split down the middle. When you enter, you...read more
Dan W.
Mayslacks is known for its meats (aka don't get the fish & chips). Stick to the burgers & roast beef, for your own good. Also, the steak fries are superior...read more
Megan W.
I've always had a soft spot for dive bars, but this one has had a special place in my dive-loving heart for the past few months. Tucked away in one of my...read more
James L.
Get $0.30 wings and cheap domestic pitchers on Wednesday nightsread more
Gene L.
Meat Raffle every Saturday from 2-4. Free drink with every spin!read more
Matt R.
fuck a hokey pokey , the Cajun wings are what it's all about.read more
Matthew E.
The answer is always tots no matter what the question is.read more
Rebecca H.
They mean it -- nobody beats Mayslack's meets! Beef dips to die for.read more
Patrick M.
Taco Tuesday is the best day of the lunch week.read more
Michael M.
$8 Miller lite pitchers 35 cent wings and trivia for free drinks on Wednesdays!read more
Eric W.
Stick with bottles when there's a band on stage... you'll dance too much and spill beer everywhere. Or maybe that's just me.read more
Foodcart Media
not really a social media savvy place...yet! but when they do people will rediscover why the roast beef sandwich that is literally 4inch stacked high is so popular. Live Blues usually on Thursdaysread more
Nick S.
Worst food of all time, used to be the best. Great place for obnoxious music and falling down drunks.read more
Sam M.
Want a water, $3.00, the owner is a cheap fuck.read more
Johnny Myhers
Walleye fingers are great..generous portion with awesome fried onion stringsread more
Johnny Myhers
Doug Otto & The Getaways..every TH nite. Great band..no cover..buy their cdread more
Tim L.
Their burgers are the best around, for serious!read more
Elena K.
The bouncer is a huge dick.read more
Angela C.
Awesome food, great people.read more
Taco Tuesday! Num num num!!read more
Matt H.
2.50 Schell's works for me!read more
Angela C.
Awesome food, people.read more
Jeff C.
Split the classic.read more
Alec R.
Holy shit, bluegrass!read more
Johnny Myhers
Best onion strings in town..read more
Adam A.
Nobody beats Mayslack's meat!read more
Brandon C.
Wings went up to $0.45 on Wednesdayread more
wow! So these are tator tots... delicious!read more
Lindsey W.
Not bntb tonight..sans souci, pwppread more
Douglas W.
The Bloody Marys cant ve beat!!read more
Andie P.
Tj is the best bartender ever!read more
Robert B.
Ahhhhhhh hipsters everywhere!!!read more
Patrick H.
Wednesday wingsread more


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