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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


New American, Traditional American, Fast Food

420 Des Plaines Ave

(708) 488-0146


Robert R.
Always a bad experience here. I have never had worse customer service at a large chain of restuarants than I have had at this McDonald's. If you search...read more
John M.
I am not real big on Mc Donald's burgers, not for health reasons, just their sheer horribleness. They were okay when they made them.... recently. The whole...read more
Justin G.
Once again I must agree with Robert. The best experience i had here was when things were ridiculously slow (business wise and food preparing wise) and the...read more
Alfie M.
McDonald's in Forest Park was so good when they had Wi-Fi outlets to make sure that I don't want to run my laptop battery up.read more
Mark R.
Don't expect this place to be a "24hr Drive Through". They always give you some bull about their system being down or flat out telling you they're closed till 4amread more
Amy A.
This drive-thru at lunchtime is sooooooo incredibly fast! Plus they get the order right nearly 99.9% of the time!! Yay! :-)read more
Amy A.
Fast Service & Correct orders 99.9% of the time, Friendly staff. Very good McDs.read more
Leonard W.
Sweet chil taste great with nuggets.read more
iHeard 3.
The manager here had a fucked up attitude!read more
Phive10 R.
How u forget to add sugar to an iced latte!?read more
Dave F.
Go to a different mcdonalds, these people here are very slow!read more
Cate L.
They close from 3-4amread more


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