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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


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7901 Bird Rd

(305) 264-1244


Daisy S.
i don't want to come off as a sushi snob.. but this place is not good. Ive had it before when i was a sushi amateur and thought it was convenient to have...read more
Alex H.
It feels very strange to write a review contrary to the majority. My experience with Sushi Runner wasn't bad at all. I will admit, their "selections" are...read more
Vanessa S.
A delivery experience so bad I have written to corporate, on their facebook and every email address I could find. Sushi runner as a company is a ghost! No...read more
Steven R.
Use the Wi-Fi here at your OWN RISK! I tried going on YouTube on my iPod and I got an e-Mail from my account saying that someone in Texas was trying to log in under a Wayport IP! Please be careful...read more
Elianet G.
Should try: strawberry shake , mc chicken, chocolate chip cookies, hash brown, mc flurry, snack wraps.read more
Jan L.
Skip the drive thru they always forget something in your order....grrrread more
Stopped here at 5pm on a Saturday and the service was slow and terrible.read more
Lovely Blaque G.
The slowest McDonalds ever. Uuuurrrggg! Been standing here for 25 mins and still don't have my food.read more
Irene H.
Jip you on your change and get your order wrong.read more


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