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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Merichka's Restaurant

Family-Friendly Dining, American, Restaurants

604 Theodore St

(815) 723-9371


David S.
This restaurant will always have sentimental value to me as it was where my parents ate the night before I was born. From what I was told, after I entered...read more
Wesley B.
Good Food. Good Service. Great Times. MUST GET A POORBOY! A friend took me here and here ordered for me a : Poorboy with Onions and Swiss Cheese. Man am I...read more
Liz R.
This restaurant has satisfied generations of my family members before me and I'm just catching on now... We gladly make the drive out from the Chicago area...read more
Robert S.
Make sure you get the extra garlic butter for dipping.read more
Danny S.
Owned by Danny S all else step aside dis is muh turf!read more
Danny S.
The poor boy is so good you will need a shower after you eat it!read more
Twylla S.
The fried mushrooms rock. And obviously you should order the poorboy. Most serious food coma to follow...read more
Hannah P.
Get the poor boy with the double baked so good!!read more
Tamara M.
Gotta have the poor boy with cheese and grilled onions....its sooo worth itread more
Danny S.
Best gosh dang poorboys on this side of the mississippi gosh darn it!read more
John W.
Don't go there when Josh Bishop is working.read more
Kate A.
The best poorboy's around!read more
Erin F.
Sandylynn E.
Mmmhhhh steak poor boyread more
Tara L.
Poorboys are the bestread more
Bev B.
The best poor boys bar none!!!!!read more
Tamara M.
Po boy sandwich is devilishly good...read more
Sheri C.
Oh it was so goooood. Thank you Al & Karen.read more
Louri K.
Get the onion rings! They are fantastic!read more
Robert S.
And don't forget to get a side of rings.read more
Chicken is the bestread more


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