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Midori Korean Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Japanese, Asian, American Express

5628 Nolensville Pike

(615) 831-1203


Jamee C.
I absolutely love love love this place. I am fully Korean and I've tried pretty much all the Korean restaurants, Korean-owned or Korean-ran restaurants in...read more
Jennifer W.
This was my first time trying Korean food. The service was very friendly and helpful in helping my family select a meal we would like. I definitely want to...read more
Tracy F.
If we could give Midori 4 1/2 stars, we would. Come on, Yelp, allow us to make that happen! We came here on a Saturday night for a relaxed dinner, and...read more
jay j.
renovations are off the hook - service golden as always - best sushi nashville - to-go packaging impressiveread more
Stephen R.
Best kept secret in Nashville. Sushi here is amazing. Try the Lion King Roll!read more
Bethany P.
Don't feel like going out or cooking? Call in a to- go order and they'll have it ready for you to pick up in about 20 minutes.read more
Mitch Grissim & Associates
Try the bi-bim-bop. Midori's Korean food is just as good as its Japanese fair. The sushi menu is formidable but deliciously cheap!read more
Bethany P.
The new deep-fried rolls are fantastic. Be sure to try the Titan Roll.read more
Christie T.
Sushi rolls = great. Korean food = amazing. As for Japanese food, I had the bento box for dinner and it was a huge amount of delicious food! So worth the price.read more
Mitch S.
Just remodeled good food friendly service sushi is fairly pricedread more
Amanda S.
Really great service and food.read more
Chris A.
Very convenient and deliciousread more
Mitch S.
Always good good portionsread more
Lawrence J.
It is great sushi I like the omgread more
Temp. closed for renovations :"(read more
Diana B.
The bento box is so much food even a grown man cant eat it!read more
Lynn V.
Their spicy mayo is actually spicy! Yuuuummmm!read more
Marcus W.
Jae-Yook-Bok-Um!read more


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