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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Moon Gate Asian Restaurant & Bar

Chinese, Thai, Sushi Bars

4611 Willow Ln

(301) 657-3740

Azwa S.
I don't get it... First of all, this location is now the House of Foong Lin (I have submitted a note to Yelp). Moon Gate deserved 3.5 to 4 stars but I...read more
Fernando F.
I never understood why this place got such high ratings. I used to live about a five-minute walk away from moongate and my experience with them was most of...read more
Deborah N.
Lovely. The Foong Lin posse is back! Nicer atmosphere than the old location. Separate really big bar. Mr. Foong Lin makes a mean Suffering Bastard! The...read more
Tiffany A.
If you like Egg Foo Yong they've got it! It's not on the menu but the kitchen will be happy to make it for you!!read more
Kamilo A.
If you liked Fong Lin in Bethesda then you'll like it here. The same management is here now and the food and service are great.read more
Jason W.
Never too crowded. Service is decent. I ordered hot and sour and Hunan chicken. Both were worth coming back forread more
Christopher S.
Great service and lunch specials. Try new sushi bar!read more
Wes A.
Thai iced tea = yum.read more
Jay S.
Foooooooonnnngggg!!!!!read more
Enoch E.
Mix veggies + bean curdread more
Andre E.
Great staff and management!!!!!read more
Erin P.
Foong is back!read more


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