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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Moonstar Restaurant

Chinese, Sushi, Asian

383 Gellert Blvd

(650) 992-2888


Cherryl D.
My Ratings: Quantity: 4 - Lots to choose from Quality: 3 - Mediocre Price: 4 - You get more for what you paid for Location: 4 - Big place, great for...read more
Joe M.
My sister was holding my niece's red egg and ginger party at Moonstar, so I woke up bright and early to stuff my face full of sushi and other goodies....read more
Rachel H.
The selection here isn't the greatest, but the food that is here is delicious. The best food here is the Chinese food, which is all in the front. The sushi...read more
Lisa L.
The sushi bar is gret!! From variety to flavor. So much good stuff :)read more
Be prepared to wait for a seat, even with an Opentable reservation.read more
If you cant handle loud, rushed ambiance and kids-STEER CLEAR!read more
I C.
see kids double dipping and adults sleeves dipping into the foodread more
Katie B.
Best Asian buffet ever! They have everything and a chocolate fountain.read more
Darksparkle M.
Not a happy panda...while it was interesting to people watch...the food poisoning I am experiencing was so not worth it. *buyer beware*read more
David P.
Great spot for an easy, inexpensive & delicious dinner: great people watching! ! Just 9 minutes drive from our front door in SF's Noe Valley. Great for groups & families. Grow ups: awesome full bar!read more
If you like delicious Asian foods and a lot of it this is where you go. My favorites are their selection of sushi and their chicken wing skewers. Weekends they have 1 free lobster abalone per person!read more
Roxanne B.
Apparently they only give balloons to Chinese kids, how rude!read more
Sean Mc
Driving by this place the smell of hot grease is nauseating. I can only imagine what all the sheep inside are eating.read more
Phu H.
Yo Moonstar, you need to Ice your sushi bar. Warm sushi and sashimi is not good for the soulread more
Eric T.
Friday night sweepstakes. I won a box of cookies.read more
theSusyness ..
What the heck they have uni nowread more
Jason P.
Awesome space themed table tops.read more
Danny C.
Weekend dinner price $23.88read more
i like KOME better.read more
Kevin C.
Excellent sushi!read more
Rebecca K.
Great food! All you can eat buffet.read more
Eric T.
Moonstar has catering services too!read more
Rochelle M.
This place is way to crowded on the weekendsread more
appetizers while waiting in line?? niiiiice!!read more
justin i.
Try their potato taters! One of a kind.read more
Marjo M.
Green tea ice cream & chocolate mousseread more
Jennifer T.
Their tea refillers are on top of it!read more
Mia D.
I am SO full!read more


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