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Osaka Sushi

Japanese, Asian, Restaurants

3240 Chili Ave # B11

(585) 571-4744


Jason L.
I only $15 for lunch and $20 dollars for dinner. This is probably the best sushi restaurant in Rochester that I could find! The decor is very calming and...read more
Thomas Y.
3.5 Stars. Warning, I am somewhat judgmental, being from NYC. The menu here is a combination of Japan-esque sushi and random dishes, along with some cheap...read more
K T.
I went here 2 weeks ago with my friends for all-you-can-eat-sushi dinner. We ordered 60+ pieces of sushi, two bowls of eel donburi, and 4 special rolls and...read more
Jensen A.
Their sashimi are so fresh. Yum, and I can't believe I can have all you can ear white turna sashimi!!!!!! Oh yeah!read more
At first I was a bit concerned that they serve you cans of soda.. But the sushi ended up being phenomenal. Try the crunchy spicy crab rolls!read more
Lunch for $11.95 all you can eat sushi, rolls, apps, udon, fried rice, you name it and its all delish!read more
Jensen A.
Since they change the management, the service is going down hill. Don't wanna go there anymore.read more
Delicious rolls awesome atmosphere. Waitress scares meread more
Lizzy S.
Delicious all you can eat rolls, appetizers, and stir fry made fresh!read more
The all you can eat is awesome. There's so much to choose from so just try everything!read more
Brian L.
Cannot recommend this place enough. Not only is it endless food, but they serve you, homie!read more
Amy G.
Sushi pizza ftw!read more


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