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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Asian, Filipino, Karaoke

51-34 Roosevelt Ave

(347) 935-3192

Mitchi E.
I am sorry I waited so long to eat here. I was so traumatized by Cendrillon that I vowed never to eat fancy Filipino food ever again. The only time I'd go...read more
Javier M.
You know, not all authentic ethnic food joints in New York City need to be shanty. Sure we have Krystal's with her gaunt furniture but lush desserts, and...read more
Matt E.
I came here with a big group of people, half of which were born in the Philippines. Since I've never had Filipino food I had to take their word for it in...read more
Do not order the halo halo. Instead of getting shaved ice, you get a block of ice in a bowl.read more
Sean C.
Turon is so Delicious!!! Get that now!!! Say what up to Shaun when you are there...he's a cool guy.read more
Morgan A. J.
Just had a special cheese pizza they make. Splendid. This place never fails to amaze me.read more
Melissa F.
Avocado shake was really yummy, food was less than stellar, won't be going there againread more
Jill V.
I will say this...the adobo fried chicken or whatever it's called is THE BEST!!! ;)read more
Mike F.
Food wasn't that good in my opinion, very salty. The piano player did play the Curb Your Enthusiasm song. <- extra points.read more
Renee N.
The menu is packed with delish Filipino food at an affordable price! The ambiance is very good and relaxing. However, they don't offer desserts :(read more
Anthony C.
Pork in adobo had no flavor and was mostly pork fat. Pork should not be an excuse to serve excessive amounts of fat and grease. Jasmine rice is just white rice.read more
Che H.
I ordered for kare-kare and i didn't enjoy it. They put little vegetable on it like two very thin slices of eggplant only and one leaf of petchay. Their chicken bbq is good thoughread more
Freddy W.
Sorry, do not go here, my wife's chicken was still covered in feathers when they brought her meal out, (Not Joking) Secondly the water taste like they took it right out the Hudson.....,.read more
April B.
The Kare-Kare and turon is very good here. Fancy looking place too.read more
Ace D.
food 3/5 service 1/5 atmosphere 2/5 not a filipino restaurant coz they made everything too fancy! small servings. no airconditioner! the band was too loud! not recommended.read more
carmel c.
makes me miss Cebu! have mango juice with anything and everything!read more
Larry C.
Get the Turon. Simply amazingread more
Ken O.
Awesome food from the Bisaya!!!read more
Cy N.
Delicious food! Try the sisigread more
Mark C.
Try the fish tausi.. Masarapread more
Emer F.
Food sooooooo goooooodread more
Jericho Rosales was here!read more
Luanne C.
Try the Bistek (via @Foodspotting)read more
Rick M.
Nice atmosphere; disappointing serviceread more
Marissa C.
Get the Halo Halo so amazing & the flan so creamy!read more
Rick M.
Terrible service. At least our waitress was inattentive.read more
Lem W.
Try their dinuguan ( blood stew) its the best!read more
Luanne C.
Try the Mango Icecream (via @Foodspotting)read more
Luanne C.
Try the Krispy Pata (via @Foodspotting)read more
Emer F.
Food soon goodread more


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