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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Pepe's Italian

Pizza, Italian

1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd

(619) 221-1926


jason w.
Place sucks ass. 45 minutes for soup, which means they had none and made it on the fly. That makes soup taste like shit. And it did. The pasta sucks even...read more
Andres S.
Sever was kind and attentive. Decent food, but took hella days for it to arrive. Pasta and small pizza 50 minutes. Wayyyyyy too long, especially with 4...read more
Shocka N.
Yummy food! I get cravings for their homemade dill salad dressing!read more
M E.
Here is a tip: DON'T LISTEN TO DANIELLE!! Darla can paint! And the owners can both cook some epic food!read more
Diron T.
Not great. Just OK. Beer and wine only.read more
best pizzasread more
M E.
Yum! One of my all time favs! BEST PIZZA according to my taste ( I am very picky about pizza!)read more
Shane C.
Great atmosphere. Definitely a family run business. But small dining area. Good prices.read more
Nikki W.
Cozy little place. Food is very good & people are nice.read more
Nikke A.
Great food!read more
Danielle N.
Here's a tip: leave now! The husband can't cook and the wife can't paint.read more
Matthew W.
The basil garlic salad dressing is fantastic!read more


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