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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


$, Breakfast, Cheap Eats

180 N Franklin St

(312) 372-7557


Rita S.
The manager/owner is awesome and def get the second half of your beast of a sandwich wrapped!read more
Matt R.
The "Perry's Favorite" is great, hot pastrami isn't bad. Just don't use your cellphone here.read more
rick w.
Get the Ormond Street Special with extra cole slaw and Russian dressing.read more
Try the chili. It is only available Tues and Thur but well worth it. It is spicy with a taste of brown sugar. Very good.read more
At Perry's Deli on Franklin, if you have your cell phone out, you'll either be yelled at over a loudspeaker, not served, or both.read more
Time Out Chicago
There's a fiercely enforced policy of no cell phones. The wait is rewarded with deli classics, like egg salad sandwiches and “Perry’s Favorite”—corned beef, Jack cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing.read more
Scott J.
order an Ormand Street but ask for pastrami rather than roast beef. Has slaw, russian dressing (their secret), corned beef, pastrami and cheese.read more
Linda F.
Hot Pastrami was delish. Bring your appetite and plenty of napkins!read more
Jeff C.
Go ahead. Talk on your cell phone. Please. They don't mind at all.read more
David B.
Can't go wrong with the mad cow!read more
Brian B.
These sandwiches are HUGEread more
Dave N.
You will leave in a food coma...read more
The best deli sandwich in Chicago.read more
Natalie G.
eat a massive sandwich. don't get caught using your cell phone.read more
Lee L.
Do not use your phone. But do order Perrys favoriteread more
Nick G.
Its no Manny's.read more


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