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Pho Thy Thy

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4129 University Way NE

(206) 632-4909

Minji L.
It's one of the better Pho places to eat around the area. Sometimes its super crowded and sometimes it's really dead. The broth is fair and so is the...read more
Chris A.
Pho Whaaaaat!? I feel like I write that all food is my comfort food, but I really enjoy Pho. The Pho at Pho Thy Thy is good stuff. I wouldn't say that it...read more
Tyler H.
One of my favorite Pho places on the Ave. Very quick service at a good price. It also helps that it is the absolute closest to my building on campus. It can...read more
Sullivan L.
They FORCE you to move table or even share table with others if you are eating with less than 2 other people. Very bad service.read more
True Fish S.
Four sizes to choose from. Medium is plenty of food "pho sure".read more
The egg noodles are not nearly as good as the rice!read more
Erin D.
If you go for pho anywhere else you're kidding yourself.read more
Tony T.
Best broth on the ave for sure! Take it from the Pho King!read more
Shanna D.
Best pho on the Ave.read more


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