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Piada Italian Street Food

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6495 Sawmill Rd

(614) 389-2069


Moses S.
I have to say, i was impressed with Piada. It's basically a Chipotle style, assembly line, create your food as you go along type of restaurant, for Italian...read more
Matt S.
I love leaving hungry!read more
David W.
If three stars translates to A-OK, Piada is a definite three. Most complaints I've heard in regard to Piada are issues of consistency, but I've never had...read more
Kayleigh C.
Salad bowl with spinach, mixed greens, feta, cucumbers & skinny vin dressing. Yum!read more
Nico F.
Lobster bisque is very reminiscent of the Lindey's version. Like mother, like son!read more
Food is great. Staff mostly talk to each other in Spanish ignoring customers.read more
Matt Z.
Best Happy Hour in town. Lobster bisque, Piada sticks, salads, calamari, beer and bellinis are $1.50read more
Tim R.
Very good food. Get the piada. They did skimp a little on the toppings this time. Pepperoni sticks are good.read more
They have the friendliest staff! They can also accommodate a y allergy and are happy to do it! If you have an issue a manager contacts you and you can tell that they care about you as a person!read more
Always order the exact thing, but charged a different price every timeread more
Love the food. Love the staff. Hate the cashier. They always want to question what you got and never charge u properly.read more
Laura C.
Quick, easy, cheap great pre drinking meal or hangover meal. They kinda skimp on toppings so don't be afraid to ask for more. Can be hard to get to if driving north on sawmill.read more
Mickey H.
Italian sausage Piada with pasta, veggies and Diavoli sauce. Get it.read more
Dan S.
Don't be a wimp, get a piadaread more
Sarah P.
The berry soda is delish!read more
Josh C.
Get the Lobster Bisque!read more
Dan S.
Worst parking lot everread more
Derek S.
Cannoli chips are a MUST!!!!read more
Lizzy Leigh V.
Skimpy with the toppings for the pasta bowl.read more
veggie piada really good just wish I asked for more basil pesto ;)read more
Nick B.
You have to get the diavolo sauce by far the tastiest and bestread more
Sam I.
After couple times eating there I need a little break.read more
Hate the cashierread more


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