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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Pizza Hut

Pizza, $, Carry Out

1215 Beretania

(808) 592-4290


Jo B.
Service was unacceptable. Three people that came in after me got their food before me and they didn't call their orders in. A worker was behind the counter...read more
Norm G.
Attention Pizza Hut! Attention all restaurants! It's one thing to raise your prices. After all, we're in a recession. But it's just darned sneaky to...read more
Rick J.
I stopped coming here because the prices are just ridiculous. You'll often see a commercial for a ten dollar pizza and then find out that the price is...read more
Annie C.
They told me it will be ready in 15 mins, went there to pick up and it's still kind of raw. So if you going to order this location please double check it before you take itread more
Guy F.
Really good. The new smothered burrito is really good.read more


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