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Rainier BBQ & Restaurant

Barbecue Restaurants, Vietnamese, BBQ

6400 Martin Luther King Way

(206) 760-1090

Cathy P.
I love this place! My friend use to work there so I always had her order for me. The water spinach beef salad (I don't remember what it's called) is...read more
Matt R.
Rainier BBQ is solid. The food is good, the prices are cheap, and they have some interesting (read: exotic) items on the menu (cobra, jellyfish etc). We...read more
Michael W.
Great hole in the wall / dive restaurant in my neighborhood. Selection of food is crazy. You got your traditional Vietnamese and Chinese staples but what...read more
Joseph S.
The braised duck noodle soup isn't that good, but I hear there's other food they specialize more in.read more
Brad G.
"A shrine of Vietnamese home cooking." Ask for the “other menu” for rarities like cobra, alligator, duck tongue and curry rabbit stir-fry.read more
Willa S.
There's a delicious beef dish with water spinach and the most wonderful, spicy sauce. Yum!read more
Seattle Weekly
Order the thousand egg and pork congee.read more
Truong N.
$3 import beer;) steal...read more
Lemongrass frog. Delicious!read more
Free mango pudding w yelp check inread more
Quoc T.
Get the #11 Com Rainier aka The Combo!read more
Beer J.
Bang ni...read more


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