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Red Sushi

Japanese, Unclassified, Restaurants

106 King St

(608) 294-1234


Christopher A.
As a vegan, former sushi addict, I've been reluctant to go out for sushi since switching over. I somehow thought that I was losing out on great food and...read more
Steve L.
Returned to Red to celebrate a friend's birthday, and have a few notes/updates. The rating hasn't changed, although the experience was better. Dateline:...read more
Sarah P.
Hubby and I went dating on a weeknight to decompress after a busy and stressful last couple weeks. We decided on Red since we were pretty satisfied by...read more
Great sushi, great service!!!! Love this place. Salmon lover, firecracker, and triple decker all amazing rolls.read more
Great fast service and quality sushi. I had the Philadelphia Roll and the Super Salmon roll. Both were extremely fresh!read more
Nina K.
Good lunch specials, excellent sushi. Just don't get there early, they do not open a minute before 11:30.read more
Ryan R.
Two words: Mermaid. Roll. Volcano, Crunchy Tuna & Salmon Lover, all dynamite! Great service, too!read more
Graham M.
Get the Amaebi Sushi. Delicious sweet shrimp - but the deep-fried head is to die for! Make sure to suck it for dear life!read more
Andrea L.
The service was a little slow. The food was so so. Wouldn't be a place i would go to again.read more
do your best to avoid getting stuck with Keysha as your service. she seems like a nice person, but too many mistakes and way too slow.read more
Evin J.
Sit at the bar, for the full experience. The mermaid roll might be, on the top ten list of, the best thing I've ever eaten. The Godzilla roll is solid, as well!!read more
Alex C.
The new triple decker is fantastic if you want a spicy and fresh taste! The firecracker is also amazing if you are looking for a cooked roll!read more
Daisy k.
Whoa! Funny how middle America has great sushi! Nice Ginger drink as well. Happy service. Try the mermaid roll if you like fruity sushi...read more
Alison H.
Try the Mermaid Roll - it involves tempura, strawberry slices and kiwi glaze. Divine!read more
Ashley F.
My favorite roll is the White Snow but the Mermaid is a close second for the simple fact that it has strawberries and mango in it :)read more
Brian E.
Superb sushi in a sea of sushi places that we now have downtown. Here's my review:read more
Emily S.
Super Volcano, crunchy tuna, mermaid.read more
Chris M.
Best seaweed salad I have ever tastedread more
Kala S.
Some of the best sushi in town!read more
Andrew A.
Get the Amigo! mmmm cilantro.read more
Michael N.
Good sushi, good priceread more
Shannon J.
Super volcano! Enough said!read more
its all so good, just keep trying new rollsread more
L J.
The Amigo roll is fantastic, great quality.read more
Rachel H.
The vegan roll is amazing. As is the veggie tempura roll. Delish.read more
Kari S.
Don't eat the Pistachio ice cream... It has turned!!! - cars 2 :-)read more
Kiley H.
My favorite sushi restaurant in Madison! Try the Godzilla roll!read more
Mark Z.
Pricey, as most decent sushi is, but quite good for the area.read more
Chris O.
Best sushi in Madison. Everything is good.read more
Zachary M.
It was amazingread more


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