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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Restaurant Muramoto

Asian Fusion, Sushi Bars, Sushi

225 King St

(608) 259-1040


Youming Y.
Buffet is an "Ayce" (see below) in the hole; the rest, not so much. After blowing $400+ at R. Muramoto over the course of a few dates, and having also...read more
Pearl S.
FUNKY cool place, I loved the food here. Trendy yet classic food options. Bites were a perfect example of this-great spin on a classic kobe beef tartare by...read more
Julia R.
Came here for dessert and drinks after having a terrible dinner at a different restaurant and it definitely turned the night around for us. We ordered two...read more
Corianna L.
If you're not sure how to use chopsticks ask for the cheaters chops. Spicy Tuna is delish.read more
Drew G.
If you need different texture I recommend the Bumble Bee for that little bit of crunch.read more
Jessica U.
Try the Bumble Bee Roll (fried salmon skin for crunch, miso cheese for creamy, habanero tobikko for a kick) = Yum!read more
Charles K.
The Bumblebee roll is amazing and perfectly spicy. Try the Tokyo Picnic if you don't like raw fish (and even if you do!).read more
Mark L.
Best upscale Japanese-French fusion food I've had outside of Japanread more
Will F.
Good quality sushi. Was disappointed by the $35 AYCES (All You Can Eat Sushi) as on their website that wasn't going on anymore, but again the quality was very good.read more
Scott C.
If you don't believe there's a higher power at work somewhere out there then try the Tokyo Picnic. It will make a believer out of you. A believer of Bacon sushi!read more
Kassia P.
$25 all you can eat sushi Sunday thru Tuesday? Yes please.read more
Delish sushi with great lunch specials.read more
Tena M.
Black sesame ice cream is yummy!read more
Get the duck mango roll!!read more
Joe S.
The roll with the touch of jalepeno rocked!read more
The black sesame ice cream is crazy delicious!read more
Angela H.
Don't miss this delicious and unique cocktail: Acai-nora.read more
El S.
try the more unusual sushi items like pork belly...read more
Angie K.
No soy paper for Nori substitution available. :(read more
Mike K.
The duck mango is awesomeread more


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