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Restaurant Silla & Karaoke Bar

Korean, Karaoke, Sushi Bars

1802 Henderson Rd

(614) 459-5990

George Y.
It has been years since I last ate at Silla. I stopped eating there because service was really sketchy. I returned because I thought it was about time to...read more
Amanda L.
The only redeeming quality is their late hours. The service was the worst I've ever experienced. I have pretty low standards for service, as long as you...read more
Joyce K.
Really love this place, nice environment, great family style food. Really love the dolsot bibimbab (sizzling mixed rice with vegetables, beef, egg and spicy...read more
Columbus Food Adventures
Get the ika maruyaki - grilled squid as an appetizer, the kalbi, jap chae or the jang jang myun noodles.read more
So this is as close you get to great Korean food as you can in Columbus, Ohio.What a treat. I highly recommend eating here if you are a Korean cuisine aficionado!read more
Lawrence S.
They are open from afternoon only on Friday , Saturday and Sundayread more
Gerry J.
One of the few restaurants that offer lunch special on weekend.read more
Honestly think Min ga is better.read more
Columbus Food Adventures
This is the place for late night Korean food.read more
Lawrence S.
dont forget to get fruits from the fridge! :-)read more
Agnes K.
Open Late-ideal for supper. try the Kam Poong Gi, really good.read more
Eric A.
Sam gyup sal party!read more


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