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Roll On Sushi Diner

Sushi, Japanese, Diners

5350 Burnet Rd

(512) 454-7655


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Jesse B.
Great stuff. Try the beefy texan, respect my asparagah, guaca-rolly and the Elvis for dessert.read more
Gina R.
diner is misleading. there is a counter like a diner but it's a sushi place and the rolls are NOM.read more
Speak Social
Be careful! You may feel the urge to keep coming back for more...and more...and more... ;)read more
Cassie W.
Amazing place! Definitely hit their Happy Hour 5-7pm! And the fried ice cream is divine!read more
Nataliya M.
Dream roll is the best thing on the menu! You gotta get it!!read more
Errol M.
dont forget they can do some real nigiri & sashimi for you too!read more
Emily G.
I never thought I would salivate at the thought of sticky balls, but now I do. Thank you, Roll On.read more
Hipster Travel Blog - Travels of Adam
Try the Texas-style sushi options: chicken fried steak, shrimp guacamole or the beefy Texan. Austin is weird.read more
Tim W.
Stop by for happy hour! The Lo Burn is one of the specials and is a delightfully unique spicy roll for both sushi pros and noobsread more
Leila R.
Happy Hour is RollOnBomb-some! Avo-Bake is what dreams are made of!! Please visit my website: www.wanderingtastebud.com for more great tips, reviews, and other WTF (Wine Travel Food) topics!read more
Kim P.
AWESOME sushi happy hour til 7! Plus, during happy hour you can get an entire Kirin /Kirin light + carafe of sake for $5!read more
Joshua C.
JalapeƱo business poppers with spicy tuna and tempura is the bomb! Make sure to try it if its on the specials.read more
Scott W.
'the count' is amazing. Think monte cristo. Fun sushi roll combinations and the sticky ball is pretty legit.read more
Little Soya
Roll On Sushi is the first restaurant in Austin to carry Little Soya! We love how they keep sushi weird here!read more
Karen Rae F.
The Tincho is delightfully refreshing. On the wine menuread more
Madelline G.
This place is so amazing. Try the Panther roll. SO GOOD.read more
Aaron S.
The Beefy Texan is magical.read more
Karen Rae F.
The Tincho is delicious (wine)read more
Michael C.
Cholesta Roll is much fun.read more
Amy D.
Save room for desert!read more
California bowl!read more
Ryan B.
Great happy hourread more
Ryan B.
The happy hour menu is awesome.read more
David Y.
Hurricane Roll - Category Deliciousread more
Ollie R.
Elvis is in the house! Try it you'll like it! Wow!read more
Ty C.
"LoBurn is the biz yo" says the Lucky Buddah soy man!read more
Jay Y.
Happy Hour M-F, 5-7, with $2.95 Nigiri. Good stuff.read more
Tin P.
Get the Cholestaroll a chicken fried steak rollread more
Ben C.
Lots of veggie options. Very tasty miso soup.read more
Karen Rae F.
Free parkingread more


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