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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Saiko Sushi

Japanese, Sushi

1621 N. Capitol Ave.

(408) 929-5501


Jaymi A.
I grew up in Ca, but now live in Kansas. Whenever I visit I try to get as much sushi as possible. This place is VERY skimpy and Pricey. The waitress...read more
Davide M.
Great Sushi place ... I really like the Brazilian influence in the style of the restaurant itself. However, the same CD is played over and over again. If...read more
Vanessa N.
One of the few sushi places I've been to that has complementary miso soup and hot tea! Our table of three ordered two bento dinners (one beef and one pork),...read more
Jeffrey L.
No debit/visa accepted during dinner time. They have an ATM. But I advise you to bring cash.read more
Christopher M.
Best rolls are Slippery & Wet and Baked Alaska. And try the ono nigiri!read more
Susan T.
Looks run down on the outside, but cozy on the insideread more
John P.
the baked Alaska is GREAT!!read more
Nikki Z.
slippery and wet roll....bomb!read more
Cliff H.
Try the su mama roll... Amazing!read more
Luis O.
California roll the bestread more


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