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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Sai's Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese, Seafood

505 Washington St

(415) 362-3689


Yun W.
Great choice for a delicious and somewhat-authentic Vietnamese lunch (despite the owners being Cantonese!). This place can be packed on weekdays during...read more
Sherry L.
Good place for lunch if you're craving Vietnamese and you're in the Financial District. They have a wide selection of Vietnamese dishes (not just pho) like...read more
Rudi B.
Always a sure shot especially if you're looking for some food in the financial district in the late afternoon. So far, I've never been disappointed with...read more
Chris B.
Curry fish with broccoli instead of celery. Hands down the best dish hereread more
Yoshi K.
They are so polite, unpretentious and warm. Sweet low-key budget lunch experience.read more
JoAnne K.
Try the Curry Chicken Noodle Soup - One of my favs! (via @Foodspotting)read more
Jeff Y.
Chicken Curry Noodle is a personal fave. I think theres crack in it.read more
If you order the imperial rolls over vermicelli, you'll get quite a bit of rolls...read more
Ryan G.
Get back to the office via UerCab! Check out http://UberCab.com/signupread more
Brad L.
Go to Sai's and order the Curry Beef Stew Noodle Soup. Finish the entire bowl (it's huge). Congratulate yourself!read more
I like their beef curry stew noodles, shrimp and chicken clay pot rice, and the pork salad. Not a fan of their imperial rolls or spring rolls. Not enough filling!read more
Kimmy D.
Bun Rieu is good! Always takes about 30 minutes to come out of the kitchen when I order it meaning its always piping hot! Tomato soup is not too strong which is why I like it.read more
Serena O.
The best Vietnamese place I've been to outside of Vietnam! VERY crowded at lunch time with a lively & friendly staff. Fare is all fresh & delicious!read more
Mark D.
Rice Clay Pot with Chicken and Shrimp = Yummy Goodnessread more
Anna L.
I love their curry chicken noodle soup!! And I don't even like curry normally! Try it and thank me later!read more
Alex C.
Call in an order togo if you don't want to wait! A few parks you can eat at within blocks.read more
Mark D.
chicken and prawns hot clay pot - can you say awesome?read more
Andrew W.
Catfish claypot. 'nough said.read more
Jorge J.
get there early place gets packedread more
Regina M.
Their curry beef stew is amazing!read more
Loren C.
order the seafood fried riceread more
Chris M.
order the seafood fried riceread more
Dhiren D.
Amazing clay pots.read more
Alex C.
Curry Fish Rice rocks!read more
Christie W.
Come before 11:30 a.m. or be squareread more
Morgan B.
I dream about their sesame chicken.read more
N S.
Try the Vermicelli Bowl With Pork (via @Foodspotting)read more
Cale Q.
Lamb Curry Pho / Best Soup in the 7 by 7, hands down.read more
Jason B.
Eat the spicy bamboo gimbo. It will break your gut.read more
Aman G.
Try the clay pot special, it's delicious!read more
Stella K.
lamb curry noodle soup is the killerread more
Alex L.
Pho Ga is really good and the combos tooread more
Dan H.
Mmmm pho...read more


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