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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant

Carry Out, Chinese, Catering

7656 Bellfort St

(713) 640-1654


Susan A.
Awesome place, went here a few weeks ago and loved it! Prices are very reasonable and portions are big. Not a great neighborhood, but the food made up for it.read more
Annaliese I.
My husband and I returned from a year in Beijing this past August, and we still eat here, which is saying a lot because we've kicked a couple other Chinese...read more
Robert B.
Tried this place on a spur of the moment. Had a quick layover, and heard good things. Was not disappointed. The orange chicken was greatread more
Nathaniel H.
Not real authentic Chinese food when compared to restaurants off Bellaire. However the service is much better, they can accommodate food requests, and are honest in therms of what you are getting.read more
Em C.
I read on online review that this was an authentic Chinese restaurant (even the sign says so), but I was disappointed; however, they do have good Korean food. There's a separate Korean menu, just ask.read more
Kielward O.
Ask for the Korean Menu. Their 탕수육 (Sweet & Soir Pork) and 짜장면 (Black Bean Noodles) remind me of my favorite Chinese places on 제주 (Jeju). It's definitely Korean-style Chinese, not "authentic Chinese".read more
Ed Q.
Mmmmmu shu gai pan yummyread more
Jennifer P.
Save the date 5•12•12•BABCread more
Daniel J.
Soda comes out of 2 liters... get water. Other than that, decently priced fir what you getread more
Rex C.
The food is Okayread more
Donald H.
Good is amazing. Great value and wonderful lunch specials unyil 3pmread more


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