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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Shari's Restaurant

Traditional American, Carry Out, American

960 Florin Rd

(916) 422-0366


Matt A.
I'm a regular here and I, normally, love the service. There's one waitress who is spectacular, and a few others that are kinda meh; but that one waitress...read more
Cindy L.
Open 24 hours, it's a great place to stop at to grab a bite or some pie to eat. Diner feel like Denny's or Ihop. Much quieter than OP (Original Perry's)...read more
Jackie T.
This is the only Sharis I know in town, and for the longest time, I thought it was just a local diner, but apparently it's a chain. All you need to know...read more
M C.
Try the cinnamon rolls that they slice and dip like french toast...they are topped with caramel and pecans.read more
Michaela R.
Shari's stay's open 24 hours. Great when stopping in, or needing a place to hang out for after hour coffee :-)read more
Bob K.
I always get the "Lunch Trio" with the Chicken pecan salad sandwich, a Caprese salad and a slice of pie, all for only $8.99! Yum!read more
Chrystal F.
Shari'a was always good for staying open late & a great chicken croissant sandwich.read more
rehema s.
Wednesday night every customer gets FREE Pie. They have a wide variety too. Get the Banana Creme...it's my Fav!read more
Van Full of Candy
Pie? Yes please. Oh, it's free on Wednesdays? Well hello.read more
Kevin H.
don't get the strawberry belgian waffleread more
kristina o.
Get the baked potatoe soup! Its bomb!read more
stacey E.
Cops chill here so no funny businessread more
Tracy P.
Gotta have the cinnamon roll french toast!read more
Riza G.
Do that survey on the receipt and get free food!read more
Andy L.
Try the carrot cake its the most expensive thing here.read more
3xx O.
Try the tasty slice of their coconut cream pie,#yumyumread more
Denzell L.
Breakfast sampler!read more


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