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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Sit and Stay Cafe


Point Isabel Dog Park

(510) 559-8844

Gabriel H.
The Reuben Kincaid keeps bringing us back.read more
Kouros M.
Try the veggie bagel but asked to substitute cheese with humus. Delicious!!!read more
Kouros M.
Ask to have your veggie bagel cut in half. It will taste better! and it will be less mess :)read more
Ted C.
Ask for "The Ted". It's an eggy bagel sandwich with veggie sausage, an asiago bagel, with tomato and onion. It's awesome (and not on the menu!)read more
tasty bagel with lox and capersread more
Punky R.
Lox bagel and a mexi mocha!read more
Julianne C.
New bathroom stalls!read more
Donna L.
Chai latte's the bestread more
David S.
fresh lemonade every day!read more
Anita L.
Try the lox bagel!read more