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Slows To Go

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4107 Cass Ave

(313) 309-7569


Faiza M.
If show your student ID if you go to Detroit Mercy or Wayne State, you get 10% offread more
Ezmerelda77 H.
Don't bother calling order in we called in at 6pm and as of 7:30 we still don't have food.read more
Michael M.
Gotta love a place that serves a Vegetarian B BQ Chicken sand... AKA "The Genius"read more
Matt K.
Vegetarian friendly !!!! Get "the genius" and you'll be one happy camper!read more
Lucia G.
There's a reason why it's called Slo to-go....be prepared to wait :(read more
Shana E.
Wings good. Mac decent. No go on the black eyed peas...not ur moms.read more
Charles M.
Give them an extra 15-20 minutes for online orders. Almost always takes longer than the website says.read more
Jennifer B.
Completely overrated. Everything on the menu is extremely unhealthy. Salad dressing choices are bad.read more
Jilly B.
The beef chili was horrible. It was unusually greasy and tasted like dog food. Very disappointing. The waffle fries and cheese was excellent though.read more
Megan C.
Chicken wings were awesome. Mustard sauce and spicy are my favorites. The blackeyed peas could use some dill: they don't hold a candle to baker's. Channel 4 van was parked there too.read more
Nikoletta K.
I think food here is better than the restaurant. You always get your food hot and not a long wait either. Also, seating available. Win, win, win!read more
Misterarthur M.
The greatest. Among other things, when you call in your order, they wait until you get there to make the fries, so they're nice and crispyread more
On the move or have to eat lunch at the office. Call and order pick up. Yardbird or The Reason with a side of mac-n-cheese.read more
Linda S.
I always count these places out because I'm a vegetarian, but The Genius with the Mac and Cheese I had made me cry tears of joy.read more
Mike M.
The Longhorn with Apple BBQ. Trust me, it will change your life.read more
Andrea P.
For a filling, cost conscious meal get the gumbo! It's delish!read more
Ms Lillian Baldwin
The apple bbq sauce is delicious!read more
Amanda A.
The Reason is the reason I come here.read more
Katie T.
Mac and cheese is all you needread more
Misterarthur M.
It's all fantastic. The end.read more
Winnie C.
The ribs are delicious.read more
Rando C.
Makin my cassssshhh moneyread more
Violet V.
St. Louis Style is how I like my ribs.read more
The apple BBQ sauce is amayyyyyyyzing!read more
The carryout version of one of Detroit’s favorite BBQs.read more
Mark S.
Get a bag of spicy pickle potato chips to eat while you wait.read more
tony k.
get the triple threat. dont take it as a threat though.read more
Krista D.
They give military discounts !!! Wooopeeeeread more
Andrea P.
Get the gumbo!!! It's filling and delish!read more
Jeff P.
Brisket! Yum!!read more