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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Smoky's Club

Seafood, Carry Out, Steakhouse

3005 University Ave

(608) 233-2120


Steve L.
The last time I was in Smoky's was back in 1989. I was in high school, rockin' a perm, sportin' my Z Cavarrici pants, a mock turtleneck, and kickin' some...read more
Nic S.
Smokey's is a neat place to dine in an atmosphere where my parents would have enjoyed going out. The decor dates decades ago which is fun. I recall going...read more
Erin C.
I really didn't know what to expect. I drive by Smoky's Club every week and it easily goes unnoticed. Coming here was like meeting the quiet kid in the back...read more
Tricia P.
Best steaks in the Midwest for a reason- yum! Love the relish plate. Pricey, but you get SO much food that you get your money's worth!read more
Three Olives M.
Martini Bob is a Three Olives guru! Have him mix you up a Key Lime Pie Martini using Three Olives DUDE, Three Olives Vanilla & pineapple juice - perfection!read more
The Journalist cocktail is surprisingly full of win. Astringent gin with a citric note of lime and triple sec and just a hint of sweetness to cut the dry. Very adult and very refreshing.read more
Cosmopolitan Magazine
The sweetest Cosmo Cocktail you'll ever order! The Malibu Coconutini is a delicious concoction of rum, chocolate liqueur, and it comes garnished with a chocolate lollipop. Yum-my!read more
Blake R.
Old school and a little divey, this is one of the steak triumvirate in Madison. Perhaps even more famous for the cocktails.read more
Chris A.
The kind of outdoor patio you wouldn't mind showing off to the family. Say hi to your mother for me. Alrighread more
Kurt S.
Have Bob make you a Connietini named after my wife.read more
Sean P Kelley
Dirty vodka martini, extra filthy.read more
Cathie M.
The small filet was more than enough ' done exactly how Iike it!read more
K. D.
Sit at the bar! Better food and martinis!!! Bob the bartender is awesome!read more
Ashley V.
Try the Ashley's Pumpkin Tonight. It tastes like pumpkin pie and it's named after me!read more
Molly s.
Very cute host on Tuesday nights. Great ice cream drinks too. YUMMY to both ;)read more
Amanda W.
Dinner with the fam & the in lawsread more


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