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Star Cafe

Sandwich Shops, Soups, Sandwiches

2001 Gateway Pl

(408) 453-8933


Michael C.
Some days my lunch option makes me feel like the Khaleesi as I have a choice of Sun and Stars. Pretty equidistant from me is Star Cafe and Cafe Sun, which...read more
Thomas C.
I'm a fan of the little guys, the hole in the walls, and the hidden gems. Staf Café is definitely a hidden spot in the business area off Technology near...read more
Nick B.
Best service ever. Cathy rocks. Been eating here for over two years for lunch. Try the jalapeño chicken wrap. Tasty cheap awesome place!! Nickread more
Andrew K.
I can't believe how great this place is. The workers are the nicest people in the world and the food is great. I would not expect this from an office building cafe.read more
Wyatt R.
The California sun sandwich is amazing! And only $7 for a large sandwich!read more
Bijal S.
This a "local to work" favorite! Kathy, their head cashier is really sweet and their food/service is great. My recommendation? Anything.read more
Ray K.
Business hours: Monday - Friday 7am-4pmread more


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