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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


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3603 31st St

(718) 361-5277


Raisa B.
This is the best Subway shop in Astoria! The employees were super friendly and actually took their time making my sandwich. They have "regulars" there, too....read more
Cheryl B.
Okay, a 5$ footlong breakfast sandwich, the Sunrise Subway Sandwich was awesome! Half came home with me... It consists of: Footlong bread, whatever flavor...read more
Rizwan A.
A stand-up 4 star fast food chain run by cranky, pretty stupid, and occasionally argumentative 1 star employees delivering you a lackluster and always...read more
Eric B.
Not the fastest Subway, but its usually empty and they're always polite.read more
Ian !.
Haggle all you want, they will not negotiate the price of Sandwich.read more


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