i.e: burger's, Italian, Mike's
New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Cheap Eats, Carry Out, Delis And Delicatessens

4437 Central Pl Ste A2

(707) 864-1113


Amanda M.
Why do I keep reviewing Subways? This one the employees were more interested in talking to each other than the customers. I had to repeat myself a few times...read more
Sara F.
I just went into this place and it was 85+ degrees in here and it was about 80 degrees outside..with ovens on and NO AC, I thought maybe it was broken and I...read more
Joe M.
Wow. 6 people working, not 1 of them smiled and every last one of them looked miserable and unmotivated. You would think with 6 people they would burn...read more


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