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Chinese, Asian, Food

7370 Sawmill Rd

(614) 764-7888


Evalyn W.
I'll be honest with you, I've never once been to Sunflower for any reason besides dim sum. I can't tell you a darn thing about the rest of the menu - I've...read more
Mike G.
Let's make this an easy to read review: Walking in: Not impressive. Dark. Looks like a storage area. Dining Room: Very open. Nice but not intimate in...read more
Teri D.
My first time having Dim Sum the traditional way (carts go by you ask for what you want) and what I have learned is this: If you know what you like make...read more
Great vegetable fried rice and cashew chicken. The pu-pu platter is great too! Hot and sour soup is the best!!!!!read more
Amazing food! Even better if you have someone with you who can order off the non-english menu. ;)read more
Maria D.
If the wait is long check out the Mexican Store next to the flower shop! Dim Sum is soooo good!read more
Nick S.
incredible food, great service and always quick on carry out orders (no matter how big). make sure you check them out!read more
Kevin K.
Meh. Quality has went down hill and price has went up. Tea was garbage. Dim Sum is usually good, but any other night is bad.read more
Grace H.
They serve Dim Sum during lunch on both weekdays and weekends but for the authentic experience, come during the weekend where the pushcarts carrying the treats are out in full force.read more
Columbus Food Adventures
The place for dim sum in Columbus. Be there at 11am (or just before) if you want a big table.read more
Sandeep M.
the food and the customer service has made this business a success since 1981. One of the best in Dublin. Danny has done a wonderful job putting together a great team.read more
First dim sum experience and it was good. I'd definitely go back. Very affordable, too.read more
Rivandi P.
Their Dim Sum are pretty goodread more
Karla B.
Delicious and great service!read more
Matthew W.
Try the chicken feetread more
Frazzy 626
Your fortune cookieread more
Xiaoxi W.
Not good as Chinatown in Chicagoread more
Joseph T.
Don't forget to say hi to Uncle Dannyread more
Andi S.
I wish they have brown rice and more steamed/grilled dishes for health concern customerread more
Maria S.
Amazing! I love the Beef & Broccoli. My husband always gets the General Tsos Chickenread more
May C.
Experience dim sum the right way, cart style :Dread more
Reinhard B.
Chongfan with xo sauce and cha liong ftw..read more
Dimsum onlyread more


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