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Sushi Coast

Japanese, Asian, Restaurants

1516 N 4th St

(408) 437-1318


Aileen A.
"Well, why the hell should I go here Aileen?" I say: "Hawaiian Sashimi, I dare you to try it. Honestly, I want to lie and tell you this place sucks and...read more
Margo G.
Ordered take out and I have never waited so long for 2 rolls. I got take out during my lunch break since I was short on time but really, I still took a...read more
Bruce B.
I like to visit different sushi places and this one is near my office so I figured Id give it a try. I went on a Friday at 12:30. The interior looks like...read more
Brian K.
Best time to come here is Sunday or Monday because their Sunday shipment brings you fresh fish :)read more
Kyra K.
Fresh and large pieces of sushi in an, ahem, unassuming environment. Say hi to Crystal, the lovely owner. (They do catering, too, and it's quite reasonable!)read more
Kevin W.
Not bad with a group! Make sure to check out the sushi trays!read more
Mike L.
+1 on Godzilla Role. Don't forget the Miso Soup!read more
Frankizzle F.
Eat anything here, it's bomb!read more
paul f.
Everything is bigger here...read more
Lisa F.
Sushi is good but service is SLOW!read more
Mike L.
The Flower Roll is a Salmon lover's dream!read more
Rodolphe C.
The Godzilla roll is awesome and not too pricey!read more
Kevin M.
+1 Godzillaread more


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